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Living Waters Social Enterprises

A new way to encourage, enrich and give hope to the poorest people in Kenya

What we do

Building Independence - Breaking the dependency culture. 
So many people here have literally nothing and are living day by day. We seek to give them a means to help themselves rather than being dependent on handouts.

 See our Vision Statement

Living Waters Social Enterprises was created following several visits to Nairobi by a small group of people from New Community church in Southampton and their friends. This group, New Community Kibera (NCK), is running several projects and has built good relationships with local people living in the Kibera slum.

LWSE was set up to build on this work by attempting to raise additional finance, both for the projects run by NCK and for new projects. Our vision is to bring life and hope to the community living there..

Our primary goal is to help bring the people living in Nairobi's slum areas out of poverty. Our strategy to do this is to use the power of business to generate wealth by setting up social businesses and to support entrepreneurship. .

We plan to start and build businesses that will provide employment and training and use their profits to support the community. Once these businesses are operating successfully then it will be local people generating money to help local causes

Our other goal is to “clean” the slum. The slum has high levels of pollution and disease and many people are addicted to drugs; we will invest in business ideas that will help to tackle these problems. Our name, Living Waters, is meant to signify healing and cleansing and the bringing of new life.

Money invested by LWSE will not be simply spent with a limited short term effect, but will be invested in people and businesses that will provide returns many times the size of the original investment over many years: truly, a gift that goes on giving.

See our Projects page for more details on the work that we support

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